FOODRUSTIC en español

viernes, 10 de agosto de 2012


This is a great way to eat your soya beans...sprouted beans are at their best nutritional so value make sure you add sprouts to your healthy can use them in salads...sandwiches...anything you like!
To grow my sprouts I use this "machine"´s called a germinator, it is very easy to use ..just put your beans on every layer and keep them humid on a daily basis adding water on top....the layers are open and water will fall down so it does not stay on the beans preventing them from rotting away...the bottom layer of course is closed so all the water will acumulate.Make sure you take the extra water away.
Depending on the beans or seeds it can take between 3 to 7 days for them to come out..but in the process it is so nice to watch the little plants grow...! 
You don´t really need this "machine"...a plastic cup, half closed will do the job...I just use this as it is easier to   
make diffrent sprouts at once.
Enjoy! Let me know how you did!


Ok are lactose intolerant or you can´t have gluten and still wish to have a delightfull pancake breakfast???...Here I have the solution for you....pancakes made with organic eggs, soya milk (or any veggie milk will do) and chickpea flour...mix it all up and into pan with olive we do not use butter, remember the saturated fats that must be avoided??;-)

I like to have them with a bit of honey as it is the only "sweetner" I take besides the natural sugars present in fruits..but you can have them with anything you like...enjoy!!