FOODRUSTIC en español

viernes, 28 de septiembre de 2012


The best time to make a detox program is during the change of the season, more so at Autum and at springtime...reason for this is the "normal" overload of food and specially toxic material, fats etc that we have put into our bodies.
Springtime comes just after winter time including reunions with loads of sweets, roasted meats, alcohol...and so on.....the body needs to clean itself before entering summer to be prepared to battle against high temperatures and more body activity.
Autum is also a great period for a detox program as summer brings aswell a lot of night outs with friends, vacation periods where we might be traveling and trying new and local foods...alcohol...fats....and again, the body needs to be ready for winter, where cold weather kicks in and we are more vulnerable for infections.
I have designed a detox program which consist of 21 days, I offer aswell shorter period detox programs but I seriously believe that to have an efficient detoxification of your body, 21 days is the minimun time to do will understand this when I tell you that 5 to 6 months of not so healthy eating can not be arranged in a 7-day detox program.
These short detox programs are good for people who have been taking good care of what they were eating where the body is not so full of toxic waste. 
If you are a very busy person with very little free time on your hands, I can understand you taking the 7-day detox plan as it´s better to detox a bit than nothing at all.
Of course, with all this I am not telling you that the ideal thing is to eat bad and all you want during the entire year as you are going to be doing twice a year the detox program anyway. The best thing is to eat well every day of the year, if this is your case than detox can be done once a year.
Why I still consider detox to be necessary even though you eat very healthy during all year round is because even though we do our best to eat healthy, we still have no control (not 100%) at least, of what we really put into our systems..therefor I always recommend doing some detox.
My program consist of a three week program where I allow the body to adapt to a lighter and more liquid diet.....then for some days I propose just taking your food in a liquid form, those days are fully packed with yummy fruit and veggie juices, veggie broths and herbal teas....these days it is important to stay relaxed, not too much activity as the purpose is to let your body concentrate on releasing all waste from your might feel bad and sick during the first two days...this is normal, this is your body telling you that it is releasing all toxic material into the blood.....if this feeling prolongs into time that is not such a good time and I will advice you to stop or at least take it slowly.....

Then after these "juicy days" I will put you back into a normal solid diet little by little, again, letting your body adjust to a normal situation.....
When approaching the end of the detox program, you will feel great..actually you can start feeling absolutly great already the first three to four will have so much energy that you might have trouble falling a sleep in the beginning...all this is please, DO NOT take sleeping pills as again, you will be adding toxics into your body, exactly what we don´t want....instead, take valeriana tablets or herbal teas...
When going back to eating´s recommended you keep eating healthy...this is the point of the detox plan! :-)
I will offer you a great range of healthy and delicious recipes for you to make at will see that eating healthy is not just about a simple salad..there is so much more to it!
I hope you will contact me for this will not regreat will feel amazingly good, full of energy, happy ...always in a good mood and important for will shine...your skin will look amazing and you will look so much prettier.....try it!!!!!

Love, E