FOODRUSTIC en español

sábado, 29 de septiembre de 2012


If you want to get the most of your veggies and fruit make sure to take those which are in season..not only they are fresh and more delicious but further more much cheaper, so important these days with the economical crisis...a good source of these products are local markets and local farmers at your own town.
Here in Tarifa I know some farmers that grow their own veggies at home mainly for their families and sometimes they are growing so much they are left with a lot , so  if you have good contacts you can always buy from them, they will be happy to get some extra money in they pockets aswell..
I buy my veggies there and also at the eco shop which luckily for me is at the corner of the place I am staying here in Tarifa town.
Yesterday I was hoping to get some nice season veggies to make myself a nice I have been eating a lot of hot soups theses days and one must not forget to eat raw food every day....this is the best way to get all the nutrients and  enzimes into your body.
At the eco shop I found what I wanted...a bit of beets...a bit of sweet potato..a bit of radish, parsnips and a nice piece of fresh pumpkin...flavors...colors....mmm!!

 In September and October, the veggies that are in season are:
-Zucchini                                           -Lettuce
-Squash                                            - Mushrooms
-Onions                                            - Eggplants
-Green beans                                    - Artichokes
-Green and red peppers                    -  Swiss chard
-Leeks                                              - Cauliflower
-Tomatos                                          - Cabbage
-Carrots                                            - Endives
-Red beets                                        - Spinach

So for this delicious salad...the recipe is:

-3 long radishes, sliced
-1 big white parsnip, sliced
-1 big piece of pumpkin, sliced
- Bunch of cilantro leaves
-10g of nuts, any kind you like

For the dressing I used a very simple one, juice of a lemon, olive oil,extra virgin and eco, salt , pepper and some poppy seeds to make it look prettier...Enjoy!