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miércoles, 5 de septiembre de 2012


Salmon is one of the few big blue fish left that has very little amount of Mercury...this deadly toxin that acumulates in fatty if the fish comes from free waters and not from aquaculture as they get fed with pellets full of antibiotics and growth hormones to make them bigger...needlessto say that this way of feeding contaminates the waters where the fish are kept....causing changes in the water chemistry and polluting the environment for other life....
It is a great source of essential fatty acids specially omega-3 wich is a great antioxidant...great for the skin...great for it´s antiinflamatory effects...
It also has vitamins like the B complex that is good for the nervous system among so many other functions.
It is a great source of Magnesium and Zinc, both important for the nervous system, intestines and muscle.

Salmon can be eaten many ways...but as you know....I like it best RAW of smoked..although of the latter we should not abuse too much of it as in the process of smoking it bad and cancerigenous molecules are created....
Here I show you some ways of eating your RAW salmon...enjoy!

Raw salmon on a bed of avocado cream...potatoes....rugula leaves...and a soya/lemon dressing....very easy and healthy!

By these pictures you can already guess what I am making right?? Yesss...California rolls!!

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