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miércoles, 12 de septiembre de 2012


This is a type of wheat hall grain used in many dishes like tabouleh salads or even cous cous is a great source of fiber, helping great bowl movements and is great for diabetic people as it has a low glucemic index.

It also has a high concentration of minerals like Iron, good against anemia among other problems, Manganese, wich helps bone, connective tissue growth and sexual hormone production.
Other minerals are also present like Copper, Zinc, Magnesium , Potassium and Phosphorous.
It has a lot of vitamins specially of the B-complex so it´s good for maintaining good brain health aswell as for a good digestion as it helps break down fats, proteins and carbohidrates.
Also very important for good hair, nails and skin´s health in general.
It´s a great fiber source therefor good for great bowl movements and it has a low glucemic index making it a very suitable grain for Diabetic people.
People with celiac disease should be carefull as this grain is a type of wheat and therefor can give problems.
Here below I show you an easy salad recipe with bulgur for these last summer days...enjoy!!


-1 Carrot cut in little cubes
-2 Celery stems cut in cubes
-1 half ripe tomato
-1 small cucumber cut in cubes
-Vinagrette: lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, salt , pepper and poppy flower seeds to sprinkle on top.

Mix all toguether and serve very cold....BON APPETIT!!

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