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domingo, 16 de septiembre de 2012


So...I was hungry yesterday evening and I remembered I had these great fresh beans in the that my sprouts were all ready to be used I decided to make myself a nice toast to calm my hunger!
Oh boy how good was that!!
Beans are packed with Lecithin and choline...both very important in the production of catecholamines....ok...don´t stress...the word is more scary than the actual thing....neurotransmitters....these help in neuron (nervous cells) comunication.....diseases like Alzheimer and Parkingson..benefit a lot of these components reducing the symptoms...
It also has a lot of healthy fiber helping the intestines to do their job right! Folic acid is another important substance (vit. B9)....good for pregnant women and for a healthy brain in general.....:-)
Although..very carefull not to eat too many if you don´t want your belly to be full of gas....still..if you do choose to eat a may want to take some cumin...this will help reduce your gas accumulation...

Alfalfa sprouts not only give you this lovely earthy flavour but also is very healthy as it is in it´s "sprout"´s packed with nutrients that are easier to has a lot of chlorophyl which aids in blood cell regeneration so it´s very uselfull for anemic people.
The high concentration in digestive enzymes makes this sprout a great source of intestinal goodness, helping in the process of digestion. The high levels of water (90%) and very low fat ,  makes it very suitable for weight loss programs.

This recipe is very easy to make, in five minutes you create a healthy toast that will fill your tummy with goodness!

-400g green beans
-1 garlic clove
-Olive oil,extra virgin , this is up to you how much you add, I usually add about 3 tbs.
-Lime juice ( 3tbs)
-Sea salt , a pinch

Ad ingredients into a blender until you get a nice smooth paste.
Spread on a toast of your liking...I love to eat these lovely crunchy rice toasts....and on top ad your lovely alfalfa sprouts! Enjoy!!

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