FOODRUSTIC en español

jueves, 27 de septiembre de 2012



Grapes are very in a polyphenolic phytochemical called RESVERATROL, which is a powerful anti-oxidant that plays an important rol protecting against cancers like colon cancer and prostate, also against coronary heart disease , degenerative nerve diseases like Alzheimer and agaisnt viral/bacterial infections.
 If this wasn´t enough, grapes are also a great source of other type of polyphenolic anti-oxidants, called ANTHOCIANINS, which seem to anti-allergic, anti-inflamatory and anti-cancer properties.
Also present in grapes are CATECHINS, which are a flavonoid tanins, another group of anti-oxidants specially found in the white-green varieties, these also have protective activity for the body.

Above all this..grapes have a good range of diffrent minerals, of which, Potassium is highly concentrated.
When it comes to vitamins, they are a good source of vit. C, which helpsin these autum days preventing you to catch a cold :-)
Make sure you have some!

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