FOODRUSTIC en español

miércoles, 8 de agosto de 2012


This is a typical spanish cold soup very much consumed in summer time...fresh..packed of veggies and of highly nutritional content!!!!
-Ripe red tomatoes (use as much as you like!!)
-One cucumber
-One small green pepper (you can add more althoug it has quite a strong taste and it tends to ruin the soup adding too much of it)
-One garlic clove (Again..this is up to you how much garlic you like..;-))
-One onion
- Extra virgin Olive oil

The original recipe also adds old bread but since I am doing the healthy version I add none what so ever, it still tastes lovely..believe me!!!
Mix it all together and there you go...for serving just cut a few cucumbers, tomato and pepper pieces and put on top for a nicer can add some drops of that good Olive oil on top aswell to make it even more classy !;-)
Bon apetit!!!!

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