FOODRUSTIC en español

miércoles, 25 de julio de 2012

As many people know, the french are known for their gastronomic culture and great is also known that the french have less heart diseases than other European countries, the so called "french paradox"...the reason to all this is the benefits in wine.
Wine is made from grapes and in grapes we can find flavonoids and non-flavonoids antioxidants, these have benefitial effects as they bring out the "good" cholesterol and decreases the "bad" cholesterols,which is one of the most important reasons for coronary heart disease.So, the french, known for their "daily wine intake" overcome or better said, prevent "bad" cholesterol to be accumulated in their bodies...
With all this I am NOT asking you to start drinking wine if you never did, please continue this way but if you are a wine drinker this might be useful information for you, then again, I hope you will not use this information to start drinking big amounts of wine as this is not the purpose...small amounts will be good for you but like everything in this life "too much of everything" will have the contrary effect.
For women, they suggest one glass a day is good for your health, for men, two glasses of wine.
Another important matter to all this is , make sure your wine comes from traditional procedures without the "extrachemical additives" as these can cause you to have allergic reactions and are obviously bad for you.
Now, after drinking...what we do with the bottles???it´s cristal, so please recycle them! Here I give a tip on what you can do with your used bottles.....isn´t it nice???It is nice, decorative and most keeps our planet CLEAN.:-))

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