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sábado, 21 de julio de 2012


All of you have heard of MSG..."monosodium glutamate" right? It is a food additive used to give more flavour....chinese cuisine uses it a lot..but unfortunatly not only them but here we start using it a lot...MSG is everywhere, what you need to know is that it is a powerfull toxin specially for the neurological system and has a great relationship with degenerating diseases like Parkinson´s and Alzheimer´s disease...we are having more cases of these diseases at much younger ages when they are actually related to age,well NOT anymore and the reason seems to be here..neurotoxins! The question now is "how do I know I am not eating food with MSG"???? it is hard to tell I agree,as not all labels specify what´s in it but to give you some easy tips to look for when you buy you food are:
-Avoid prepared foods (canned food, pre-made home foods, etc)
-Avoid chinese food, they always use MSG as a food flavor enhancer.
-Avoid buying salad dressings or sauces,make them yourself with fresh ingredients and ingredients you know are MSG-FREE.
-Avoid using stocks,soups, fish/meat cubes ,etc.
-Avoid "low-fat" , "special diet" they are low in everything,also in taste they help it with MSG.
-Avoid fast-food restaurants as most of them use MSG.

In general terms....use ALWAYS fresh products for your cooking, then you are sure that you are not eating this toxin among so many other from which we have no control of....
Now...if you are still worried you might be eating MSG products here I give you good sources on how to prevent overintoxicating yourself or protecting yourself from this:
-Take omega-3 fatty acids (FRESH FISH))
-Take Vit.B6 (Vit.B complex is the best vitamin to protect the central nervous system!)
-Take Magnesium and Zinc

So, even if you are taking the risk of eating MSG at least you are counteracting the effects by eating good food to protect your body against it!!

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