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sábado, 13 de octubre de 2012


I woke up being very tired after helping out a friend at another cooking workshop.....although it was beautiful outside...very sunny...I decided to stay the morning at home and do some baking....Mum asked me for a long time to make her my great "tarte tatin" and I thought today to be the perfect day for that!
As I like to keep my rules within the kitchen..this version of tarte tatin is a healthier version than the original one.....

For starters I make sure only to use organic fruits..these amazing appels come from Coín, a tiny cute spanish town up in the mountains here in Southern Spain where there is a lot of organic produce...In the normal version a lot of butter (very french) and sugar is used which for me and mum are a no no....instead..using more olive oil and tiny bit of sugar will do enough....then I add herbs on my tarte to give an extra flavor to it...and the result is absolutly really must give it a try.....
Herbs are from my own is Spain it´s so easy to grow herbs...they grow like crazy..great for creating great looking and tasty plates!

For this recipe I have used:
- 6 apples (any kind aslong as they are organic!)
- Gluten free puff pastry (look in health stores,they usually have it)
- Herbs of your liking (i used oregano, thyme and basil,all fresh and organic from my garden)
- A tiny bit of butter, about a table spoon
- Same goes for olive oil, a table spoon
- A table spoon of sugar

In a pan or baking tray put the butter and oil, then on top add the sugar, try to spread the sugar as this will coat the apples later on...the peel the apples and cut them in quarters or halfs if you prefer big pieces, and put in tray in a circle (see picture below)...leave this on a medium heat until sugar has caramelized.
While you are doing this, preheat oven at 180 degrees.
Take the puff pastry and make a round shape to cover the pan, it is better to be a bit bigger and then you can fold the leftovers around as it will look nicer.
When the sugar has turned in a nice brown color, take it from heat and put the pastry on top to cover the apples completly. Then put it into the oven to bake for about 25 min or until pastry turns nicely brown.
Take it out from oven and with a flat big plate(must be bigger than pan) and wearing gloves (make sure you wear gloves, caramel when hot is very very dangerous as you can get burned very bad), turn the tarte around. And voilá..your tarte tatin is ready....enjoy!!

The "extra" pastry is nice as you can make nice folds to create a lovely shape of the cake....

Now that the pastry is nice and brown it´s time to turn it ..remember to always use gloves PLEASE!

The herbs as you can see go on top and creates a lovely combination of colors and flavors....mmmmm!!!
My Mum loved it and so did I!!!!
Love, E

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