FOODRUSTIC en español

miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2012


Lentils are packed with great nutrients and when sprouted it´s even better as all these nutrients are at it´s most concentrated and best form...not only is it a great protein source but also has vitamins like A, B, C and E...folates make the iron production more efficient...when lentils are combined with vit.C (lemon juice) it increases the Iron absortion in the body.
Lentil sprouts are also a great glucemiccarbohidrate as it does not higher the glucemic curve so it could be called the "good carbohidrate".
About the protein concentration, it is also of great quality,  although it lacks one of the essential aminoacid, Methionine which is present in animal meat or eggs, so we could combine lentils with some meat or eggs to hace the complete protein balance!
Making sprouts is very easy...just make sure lentils are organic , leave them out and make sure they are always humid by rinsing them with fresh water a few days you will see the sprouts coming out!It´s great fun to see these tiny plants growing!! Enjoy!

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