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jueves, 21 de junio de 2012

Hello everyone!
This is my first was about time!
I am a Belgian/Spanish holistic veterinarian and a human holistic nutritionist....I am here to help you  make a better living by eating healthy and organic food for you and your pet....I treat all living creatures by giving a healthy diet based on organic biological Hipócrates said long time ago "may your food be your medicine...may your medicine be your food"....and strangely enough..I have not met a single human doctor that follows his words even though they take "the hipocratic oath" when going into medicine school...humm!!
Why I started to study human nutrition and diets is because after having a hard time with my own business (veterinary practice) I got very ill....I was diagnosed with ulcerative collitis,for those who don´t know what that is a chronicle inflamation of the large intestine and if not taken care doctor gave me a natural solution..just pills..more pills....I refused,I decided to take matters on my own....I have studied hard to know my body and with my medical backround as a vet I could easily go into de human gastroenterology books to learn about the anatomy and physiology of the human year later ....I am cured!!!You want to know how????very healthy.....natural organic foods....breathing deeply...enjoying every bit of life...taking long walks on the beach...petting my animals and loving them.....many diseases are caused by bad habbits....and by stress....stress is shouldn´´s the cause of many body inbalances and illnesses and can even cause it´s about time we start taking care of ourselves....nobody else will.....ARE YOU READY??!!

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